Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 39

Not much exciting happened today...

I went for a run after babysitting and I can tell I have gotten out of shape since I've gotten sick. I managed to push myself and run 2 km and walk 2. Then after dinner I did one of the workout DVDs that Marie sent me. So today was a very sweaty day. The weigh in is tomorrow for the weight loss competition and I know I haven't made much progress since last time. This stupid cold is bogging me down!

Tyler left today to go home for 5 months so we had a lunch for him at the base before he took off. I took one bite into my ham and I exploded into a coughing fit. I went into the bathroom so I wasn't disturbing anyone and after a few minutes of non stop uncontrolled coughing Austin came in to see if I was still alive. I managed to overcome the tickle in my throat and I happily continued eating my ham, beans, carrots, and scalloped potatoes.

I have a couple of videos I am anxious to share with you but the internet here is insanely slow so I can't upload them to youtube. It's supposed to be fixed on Friday but I'm not holding my breath.

Goodnight everyone! HUGS

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