Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 74

Dance was a flop last night! I had put a good 4 hours into choreography and no one showed up for the tween of hip hop class. There were 6 kids there for the Tinies class, but 10 minutes in 5 of them gave up and didnt wanna do it anymore. I dont know what else to do. I put posters up all around town reminding people about it but no one shows. Oh well.

Jesse from the health centre has asked me to start an aerobics dance class starting July 5. I accepted of course but what a challenge! I am going to have to memorise a while good 40 mins of sweaty choreography so I am scared :S


So I called the Residence office at Laurentien and they told me I have a sliiiiimmm chance of getting a room on campus, so I've gone to my wonderful best friend ever Lynnie and we are trying to arrange a way so I can bunk with her and Sarah and the ex-boyfriend to be. Three amazing friends in one appartment? What can go wrong? (hopefully nothing)

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