Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 71


Today was the second day ofour p90x exercise program and let me tell you: this is no joke! Yesterday was an hour of chest and back and some of the stuff was so hard I couldn't do a single rep, so I had to modify it girly style, but Austin did well. Today we did an hour of plyometrics, which is a lot of jumping, like hopping lunges and frog leaps. My abs are finally starting to come out of hiding after 2 months of running and not-so-self-disciplined exercising. I found a new path to run that goes along the water. It is so beautiful and peaceful. The only problem is there are a lot of pot holes and bumps in the road so you constantly have to be aware of the road or you could twist your ankle. Siren came for a walk with me. She usually gives up after 5 minutes but she followed me the whole 30 minutes.

So we just finished the plyometrics and of course, Austin got a call riiight afterwards. I was laughing at him because he was so sweaty I had to help him get his shirt off because it was stuck to him. There is this drink called shakeology that you drink to replace one meal a day and Austin was saying it is jam packed with great nutrients for you and doctors rave about it. We wanted to get it but the only thing is it's $120 for a one month supply. I thought it would be great for when we go to the island so we don't get stuck mowing on junk fast food on the trip there and back, and for me when I go to mom and dad's.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far. It is a beautiful blue sky here but only 10 degrees.


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