Monday, May 10, 2010

Brianna, the health care aide!!!

YAYYYYY I finally got a call from Joan today, she called and said, "Can you be in at 8 tomorrow morning so start your orinetation?"

So no more boring life!! The only problem is I don't know what to wear... I'm going to wear my black dress pants and a cardigan and bring a set of scrubs with me just in case that's what I'm supposed to wear. I tried calling her back to ask but the number I dialed ended up being some person and the only thing I could understand when I asked for Joan was "Sorry, wkdjfhakjdga kldfhgjkag, blah" So... I'm too scared to call that number again, therefore I will just bring an extra set of clothes. I'm not sure how much I get paid, but I'm not too worried because I am more excited to get the experience, but I'm sure glad I will be able to buy my own flour and icing.

I made my usual trip to the post office today and there was a different lady behind the counter. This one was much more talkative than the other lady, she started going on and on about the swine flu last summer and how she had to wear a full gown and mask to work for 3 weeks. She was very nice, I just think the swine flu was too random. You know, usually you start with the weather then go on from there.

Speaking of the weather, today is flipping gorgeous! It's 8 degrees and tomorrow it's supposed to be 11, then Wednesday 15!! Perfect for my running! I will have to slap on the sunscreen though.

Miss you all!

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