Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 17 First day on the job

Hi Everyone,

So I started work at 8 am today and it was busy right until 4 pm. I thought I would just be going in to do paperwork but they got me started on working right off the bat. This week is my orientation so I have someone showing me how to do everything. My partner and I are responsible for waking the elders up, dressing and bathing them, feeding them breakfast and lunch, making the beds, and putting them down for a nap. I think there are 9 elders but you and your partner are only responsible for half on a shift, and they have a bath schedule so not everyone gets bathed on the same day. It's not too bad; I'm pretty hard to gross out. Some patients need more care than others and I'm having a hard time putting a face to the names on the charts and paperwork, but I'm sure I will get it soon with only 9 patients. There is another new girl there too. Her name is Hazel and she is 20. Her mother is a nurse there and they are Filipino. She is going to school for nursing and she said she wanted this job for the same reason as me: to get experience working in a hospital. The lady that was training me (I forget her name) was really nice and patient with me. Her husband is a nurse here and they have their 2 toddlers here with them. She was super nice and invited me to her place on our lunch break. She told me that the other HCA's are natives from here and they never show up for work on the weekends so that's why I'm working, which is fine by me! She said be prepared to work a shift without a partner in case they don't show up. I hope that doesn't happen this week.

I work another shift 8-4 tomorrow so I will let you know how that goes!

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