Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 22

Hi family!

Today was a great day! I went for a 2 km run but it was a lot harder than yesterday. Possibly because it was 20 degrees out today and I was warmer than yesterday. Work went well. I just got home and out of the shower. Austin doesn't like it when I come home smelling like old people...

Speaking of Austin he finally caught his first fish today!! He went out with Tyler this afternoon and caught a 2 lb walleye. He didn't get a pic tho (because I wasn't there) but he filleted it and it's in the fridge now.

Austin was also a sweetheart and brought me dinner at work. He went to the convenience store (the one with the no drunks sign) and got me pizza pops and an iced tea and walked all the way to the hospital for me! He also had the dishes done when I got home. What a keeper!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, it went by super fast for me! Miss you all! hugs xoxo


  1. Hi honey, glad to hear Austin caught his first fish and you are enjoying work.
    Took Marie out to a birthday meal to Montanas last night. We gathered up your "Care Package" and I think my sweet Marie mailed it out today. If you want to know what is in it email me and I'll tell you. I hope to have Alana for the weekend, plan on renting a car and going to visit Marie and Jare and Nat.
    Off tomorow and gyming it, going to enjoy my day.