Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 35 We Aren't Dead!!


We've have had problems with the power since the thunder storm on Tuesday so that's why I haven't posted in all week. The power was out from Monday until Tuesday night. Then it went out Wednesday morning until Thursday at 5 pm. Then I was working Thursday night from 4 to midnight. And I got a lovely call yesterday morning from the hospital asking me to come in for 8 am. So I worked to 4 pm thennnnn the lady that was coming in after me failed to do so, so I pulled a double shift BUT I get time and a half so that eased the pain in my feet. I can't really complain tho, the patients were really good yesterday which made it a lot easier for me.

Hazel and I were working together (the 2 new girls... what could go wrong?) and we were told we had to weigh the patients that day. So we already knew that the scale on the lifter for the tub room was broken and the only other scale we knew of was on the lifter we use to transfer a patient from their bed to the wheelchair. This thing works kind of like a hammock. So anyways, we had already weighed the patients that we usually use the lifter for and now we had to do everyone else. So we started with Theressa who is a very kind lady who is like grandma Robin in the sence that you never hear her say anything rude or negative. So Theressa cooperated with us and we got her weight and we were on to George's room. Luckily Dillon (the nurse there that sounds like he was raised on like the beaches of California, dude) overheard us explaining to george that we had to strap him in this contraption. He came in and informed us, "Uhhh, ya know there is a scale down the hall there..." OMFG All this time there has been a SCALE that no one told us about til NOW!!! ugh. Oh well. 'You just get turned around and there you are'

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  1. LOL
    wish grama could read this.
    i was beginning to wonder what happened 2 u
    call u later