Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 26

I'm sorry this post is so late in the day, I was on the phone with my parents for 2 hrs tonight. Sometimes they freak me out because I won't hear from them in a week then one night they call me one after the other. Weeeeiiiiird.

I got paid today!! Cha chingggg. I ran to the hospital to pick up my cheque. Not because I am dying to get flour and icing for cupcakes, but because I had to go on a run anyways. It's kind of useless having a cheque here because there is no bank to cash it... damn. Usually they do a direct deposit, but mine didn't work for some reason. On the way back it was hard running because the wind was right in my face. My throat was sore and my nose felt weird, so I had to walk a couple of times to fix my face so I could breathe but other than that I was sweaty and full of energy.

I've been contemplating starting a dance school here for the summer just to give the kids something to do this summer. I'm going to go to the principal tomorrow to ask her what she thinks about it.

And that was my day!


  1. My Dear daughter has made a slight error in her day 26 blog that i'm about to correct. she is exaggerating when she says sometimes she won't hear from us for a week. We either email or phone throught the week.
    just had to clear that up Bri.

    Love U

  2. haha well a week fit the story better... hahha