Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 24

Good morning!

I started my day a lot differently than I usually do. I got up with Austin this morning and made him breakfast before work. We had toast, eggs and ham. Then he went to work for 8 and I checked my email and checked to see if Laurentian had accepted me yet. No dice. Then I checked the weather and saw it is supposed to be 25 and thunder storming this afternoon. Unfortunately today I am supposed to do my 6 k walk/run/walk routine again. So I groaned and hauled my a** outside with my vest and toque on. After my first 2km lap I started making excuses as to why I should go back to bed and resume later, but I kept going and finished the 6 km in 70ish minutes. I got to pet some puppies on the way. I came across 2 liters and they are so stinkin cute! I think Michelle should come here and start up a humane society. Apparently there is an annual dog shoot where people get the green light to shoot the dogs to get rid of the extra dogs so the place doesn't become [any more] overpopulated. the police are even involved! I think that is awful and they should let nature kill off the old and sick. Survival of the fittest, not survival of the ones that know to avoid an indian with a gun. Oh well...

Have a good day everyone!!! xoxoxo

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  1. I must admit, I am getting a little annoyed at the fact you up there in the far north have temperatures much higher then us southerners. The laws of nature and history says it should be the other way around. Have you gone up there and heated the town all up?? Well that is suppose to change starting tomorrow, we are suppose to get up into the mid 20's.
    Alana is coming down this weekend, going to Toronto to Maries and Jare and Nats.
    Love, Dad