Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 21 and how to make a comment

I went for a super duper run today. I walked 2 km, ran 2 km and walked 2 km. It took me 68 minutes all together. It was so nice outside I was in a t-shirt and capris and still workin up a sweat. The only down side is my feet are a little sore and I have to work now with sore feet :(
Austin has all weekend off and I work all weekend so it sucks that it worked out that way, then again I spent 2 weeks doing nothing while he was working so compared to that he's gettin a sweet deal.

I just wanted to let you all know how to make a comment because it is kind of tricky. you click on the post title, so in this case it would be "Day 21..." in pink. The window will refresh and you scroll down and there is a comment box to type away in. Then click "Publish comment" in the white box below.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!


  1. Wish your old man could watch a movie while at work!! We have been very busy at the store today, if it wasn't for going to the gym to burn off stress I'm sure I would of blown a gasket on a customer this week, like the guy who wanted me to draw a diagram and show him how to wire the double garage he just built. Even though I know how to do it I told him he would have to get a electrician to do that. He said he called a couple but they were going to charge him consulting fees sinc ethey weren't doing the work. He thoght that was perpsterous. Explaining I know what he needs and can sell him the plugs, wire, boxes he needs but can't tell him how to do it. I even explained there were legal issues. He didn't like that at all and thought it was poor customer service!! Trying to justify my position by explaining it could take a good hour or more to properly design the plan to wire a big garage is a good amount of time and time is money and I am not an electrician so even if he does it, it will need to be inspected. Left a little annoyed, I think more at himself.
    Anyways miss my little girl and her boyfreind coming around.

  2. OMG i would not be that patient! I woulda smacked him. Miss you too!!!