Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank You Nanny & Papa

We got a wonderful care package today!! It was such a pleasant thing to wake up to when Austin came home from work!

I love this gorgeous paper! I'm soooo excited to get crafting!!! I might have to skip badminton tonight.

Thank you so much, Nanny & Papa! HUGS xoxoxo


  1. Glad you like the parcel, Papa want's to know if you noticed the fishing lures he sent??

  2. Yea! He was amazed at how many there were! He is excited to try them out! And he likes the scale too.

  3. OK kid lets see if this works.
    Good job on dragging your butt out and doing another 6K!
    thanks to Nanny&Papa for sending the kids a care package.
    Call u tonight Bri.
    luv ya <3

  4. Yay you finally did it mom lol!!! I tried calling you last night and it went straight to voice mail, and it was the voice mail on randy's cell so I dunno...