Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 19

I gave Austin a haircut today with the buzzer set dad sent us. Looks pretty good I think!

We also went to get weighed in for the weight loss challenge today. Austin actually gained a couple pounds, probably of muscle, and I lost 3 lbs!! YAY!
Tonight I'm working the night shift. I know I should be sleeping right now but I slept in until 11, and I took a nap from 6 to 8 and I can't sleep any more.
I went for a run this afternoon. I ran a km and it went really well. I ran a step up from my normal pace and my calves didn't hur nearly as much as they usually do. Then I walked another km. I was supposed to run 2 but today I feel really blah and low energy. We need to order groceries on Monday so I haven't been eating as as many veggies as I should be, and yeah dad, I know that's why I'm low energy.
I wanna take 2 seconds to vent about my pet peeve. Well I guess my second pet peeve; my first one is when Austin is sleeping and he makes these weird noises with his mouth. But the second one is when Aus fills up the sink with water and lets the dishes sit in it until it gets cold when he's at work, so I wake up to a cold sink full of dishes to do! Grrr He's done that today for the third time this week. He also heated up roast beef in the microwave, which exploded and made a mess, but he went to eat it and left me to clean the microwave. Whoo, okay, I feel a bit better now that I got that off my chest.
I hope everyone has a good sleep tonight while I'm working (blah). Love & miss you all!


  1. Glad to hear and see the clippers worked okay. Gee no wonder Austin is making weird noises, his tongue is stuck outside his mouth. We had rain all day today and after checking the weather network, you are almost twice as warm as us southerners. I was suppose to get groceries but the rain kept me in, it was pouring down with thunder and lightning, cool show but not cool to ride in. By the way it is the spinach, in particular, you need for energy and metabalizing everything else, its the iron within you know.
    Miss you, glad to here you enjoyed the care package.
    Love Dad.

  2. Almost forgot to add, congratulations on your weight loss.