Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 27

Today I went to the office at the school to talk to the principal about my dance school idea. She loved it! She thought it was wonderful and she said I probably could get funding from the Health Centre so I wouldn't have to charge the parents! She said she would forward my letter to a lady named Amy who organizes stuff like this for the kids. I should get a call from them some time next week. She was surprised that I didn't want to take any money for myself. I'm glad she was so excited about it. If i can get more funding I could get more music and a good CD player and good treats for the kids! I could probably get them dance shoes too so they don't have to go bare feet! Hopefully this all works out.

This afternoon there is a Pizza Hut and KFC sale at the band office. They are flying in a bunch of fast food from Timmins. It's $40 for a large pizza but after going a month without fast food I would absolutely pay more! I am sooo excited.

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